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  • Why Should I Do Ongoing Bookkeeping for My Business?

    If you are like many small businesses, you believe that bookkeeping is just for taxes. That can’t be further from the truth. Bookkeeping is much more than just taxes. Bookkeeping, if done correctly, can tell the story of where your business is going, where it has been, where it is going and how it is getting there.

    Telling the story of your business is important because it answers many of the questions that you, as a small business, owner may ask. Questions such as:

    1. Have my expenses increased? Why and how much?
    2. Do I need to increase my prices? How much
    3. Can I afford a new employee?
    4. Can I afford a new loan?
    5. Why do I feel like no matter how busy I am there is never enough money to make payroll, to buys materials, to order office supplies?

    These questions are just a few questions that you can gather from your bookkeeping. The ability to answer these questions can really mean the difference between your success and failure.

    The number one reasons that small businesses fail is because they are not properly following their finances or properly accounting for their finances, so they overspend or undersell. Those are dangerous combinations.

    Don’t be a statistic, let the story of your business be told by keeping up with your bookkeeping. If you find you don’t have them time to keep it up., look at outsourcing, it’s cheaper than and employee!!

    Tracy Collins | 11/19/2019

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